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here's a list of all the tours we offer...of course we can make up one custom for you if you want

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To reserve the plane for your party only - three person minimum.

All child prices are for children
12 years old & under ,
when accompanied by two adults.

Dave's Choice..1/2 hour...$129.00 adult-$79.00 child
(2 person min. / 4 person max.)

Basic Misty Tour..1.2 hour...$189.00 adult-$139.00 child
(2 person min. / 4 person max.)

Deluxe Misty Fjords Tour..2 hours...$239.00 adult-$189.00 child
(2 person min. / 4 person max.)

Glacier Fjords Tour..2.5 hours..$375.00 adult-$325.00 child
(2 person min. / 4 person max.)

Mini Fishing Trip..2 hours...$285.00 adult-$235.00 child
(2 person min. / 4 person max.)

Road Based guided fishing..5 hours
$300.00 per person
(+ tax)
(1 person min. / 3 person max.)

Full Fishing Trip, guided..4 hours
custom price per trip
(per plane / 4 people max)

Anan Bear Transport..4 hours...$499.00
(2 person min. / 4 person max.)

Kayak / Misty Fjords Tour..approx. 5 hours
$409.00 adult - $389.00 child
(2 person min. / 4 person max.)

On all our tours Our personable driver will pick you up at the cruise ship dock or your hotel and bring you to our dock and deliver you back at the end of your tour.

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